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MINOD Systems will limit the number of units produced of any instrument or effect. This is because we want to provide our users with a unique sound, not available to everyone in the market. For the MINOD synthesizer series, this limit will be set to ten or twenty units, depending on the price range of the particular design. That is ten or twenty units world-wide!

Since all our products are analog, mother nature (or rather process variations) will make the existing units different as well, so that no two units are identical. This is our guarantee to you, the sound produced by your MINOD Systems instrument will not be easily copied by others.

However, we cannot guarantee that other manufacturers copy our designs and make them available to a mass market. MINOD Systems is not a large corporation and cannot afford expensive lawsuits to protect its patents. We can only hope that this will take time and that we have new attractive inventions in store for you when that time comes.


MINOD Systems was founded in 2003 by Fredrik Carlqvist in Uppsala, Sweden. All products are the intellectual property of MINOD Systems.


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Updated: 2003-01-24